I’ve had my lucky bamboo for a while now and its probably one of the easiest plants I have to look after. It just sits in a small vase of water and appears to be doing pretty well! If you are a plant killer I would definitely recommend owning one of these. There is some debate as to whether they should be sat in water or soil. I’ve found that using filtered (not tap water) works just fine. Just make sure to keep your bamboo in bright but not direct light!

I’ve often wondered why its called ‘lucky bamboo’ and I found out that its actually all to do with feng shui. Apparently, different arrangements and positionings of the plant can bring about certain types of luck.

Lots of lucky bamboo stalks with paint pattern

Two bamboo stalks are often given as an expression of love or to double your luck! Three stalks are quite common in the home as they can bring happiness, a long life and wealth. Always avoid four stalks as they attract negative energy. Five represents all the areas of your life that impact wealth. Six stalks mean good luck and wealth, and seven represent good health. Eight stalks are all about growth and thriving.

Bamboo with pink and blue watercolour detail

What is it that makes something lucky? I mean does it even exist or is it just a comforting thought? I personally have never really put anything down to luck. When I was younger I did toy with the idea of having a lucky object (I think I found myself a lucky stone) but I don’t think it did much. My thoughts are that putting things down to luck means that maybe we don’t try hard enough. If you are just sat around waiting for your ‘lucky break’ then you aren’t being proactive and putting in the work you need to get to where you want to be.

Sometimes people do appear to be lucky, they get things with little or no work but this doesn’t work for most of us. WE are responsible for the things we want in life (to an extent). Obviously life happens and things don’t always work out the way we want them to but please don’t just wait for something to come along because you are wearing your lucky pants. You need to create your own luck.

What are your thoughts on luck? Do you have a lucky object?

I’m also interested to know how you look after your lucky bamboo if you have one!

Sara x