Calling all Calathea lovers!

This month I have a very exciting new product to share- my first ENAMEL PIN! This hard enamel pin will hopefully be the first in a series of polished gold detail pins for all you plant lovers and is now available in my shop

Calathea’s are commonly referred to as ‘prayer plants’ or ‘zebra plants’ because of some of their unique qualities. Along with their beautifully patterned foliage they also open their leaves in the morning to catch sunlight, whilst curling them back up at night!

The Calathea comes in many different shapes and sizes- I just love how all the leaves can look so different! The Calathea originates from the jungles of the Amazon, and therefore needs to be treated as a tropical plant. These plants need soil that holds moisture well but it also well draining. The Calathea grows under the shady canopy of taller trees and therefore prefers indirect sunlight and can quite happily live in a shadier part of your home.

This plant likes to be kept moist and during warmer months can be watered twice a week and misted several times as week as it loves humidity! If your plant develops brown edges along its leaves it is a sign that it is living in a low humidity environment so keep on spritzing!

Enjoy! And live green 🙂