It’s mental health week! So I thought I would write a post about my experience with mental health. Here goes…

I have struggled with depression since I was pretty young, probably right from my early teens. It’s been a huge part of my life and having a mum who suffers from bipolar disorder has made mental health a very open topic in my family which I am grateful for. That doesn’t make it any easier though! I’ve struggled to keep a regular job and with the ability to work consistently, which is why I started my own business.

Although it can be incredibly difficult, working to my own timetable is much better for my mental health. I believe that anyone with any kind of mental health issue can achieve great things- they just need to go about it in their own way!

This week I will be working on some new plant-themed motivational posters to celebrate mental health awareness and understanding. They will be available as instant downloads from my Etsy shop for you to enjoy- visit ‘shop’ link on my site.

Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and creating a comfortable environment is a great way to starve off any bad feelings- its not a permanent fix but it can definitely help.

I like to surround myself in certain colours as I feel they have a very positive impact on my mood- especially pastel tones which crop up ALOT in my work. They have such a soothing quality I can’t resist! It might come as a suprise that it was only recently that I discovered colour, throughout my art education I primarily used shades of black as I felt it reflected my mood. Although there was nothing wrong with reflecting how I felt- it almost ended up dictating my moods.

Constantly staring at dark paint did not have a positive effect on my mind and it was then that I started experimenting with colour. I found that even though I didn’t feel good on the inside, the use of colour actually helped to make me feel a lot better.

Now I am hooked on the power of colour, and I am educating myself on colour psychology and learning cool new things about colour all the time. It has such a powerful effect on our lives and painting a room in a certain colour can really effect the way we feel in that space!

So keep it colourful!