There’s nothing better than setting foot in a greenhouse full of plants. That’s because connecting with nature has lots if positive health benefits! Getting back to nature is a great way of relieving the stresses and tensions of everyday life (especially if you live in a large city). I always take some time out every couple of weeks to visit a garden or greenhouse when the weather isn’t too great!

When I’m feeling low or anxious getting out and experiencing nature is a great way to get out of bed and make the most of the day. For me there is something so reassuring about being surrounded by lush green vegetation, and the excercise isn’t bad either!

It is often said that there are direct cognitive benefits of being in nature. Perhaps it is because we have evolved in nature and it is our natural home. I think everyone can enjoy nature in some way or another, this is just one way I like to experience it.

I feel inspired by all the different textures and colours of the leaves and always end up discovering a new species of plant. I also really enjoy the architecture of large greenhouses with the angels and clean lines. These particular photographs were taken at one of my favourite places to experience nature- Kew Gardens!